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44hrs ($6,600.00)

Track hours with a tap. Open Hourly from your status bar and quickly add your hours every day.

Manage clients with a click. Add new clients or manage existing ones within Hourly.

In control of your money. With Hourly you always know how much you're making.

Send invoices. Automatically. Hourly will automatically send invoices for any outstanding balances when you want.

Automatic invoicing

Set date and time for Hourly to automatically send invoices to outstanding balances.

Client management

Simply add new clients or manage existing ones from hourly rate, taxes, details, and more.

Tax management

Set global tax rules for your company or adjust it per client to make sure you're always compliant.

Company management

Manage your company in a central place. See all time earnings, company details, and more.

iCloud sync

Working on multiple devices? Hourly automatically syncs with your other iCloud devices.

Multi currency support

Work and invoice in whatever currency you prefer. Hourly automatically converts it live so you're always aware of your balance sheet.

Integrated with Stripe

To make collecting payments easier, you can connect Hourly with Stripe to send easy payment links and use all other useful Stripe tools.

How does it work?

When you download Hourly, you connect your Stripe account and load in any existing clients.

How does it work?

When you download Hourly, you connect your Stripe account and load in any existing clients. You set up the hourly rates per client and start tracking your hours. Then when you're ready to send invoices you click the button and send them off to your clients with just one click.

Does it work without Stripe?

Yes! You can still track your hours, get nice insights of your clients and earnings per client and send invoices straight from the app. You just won't be able to leverage the effortless payment solutions Stripe offers.

Can I add line items to the invoices?

Yes, when you click on 'Send invoice' you'll get a preview of the invoice and are able to manually add line items or adjust the hours, hourly rate, or total price before sending it off.

Does it calculate taxes?

If you link with Stripe it will automatically calculate taxes based on your location and that of your clients.

If you decide to use Hourly without Stripe you can set your tax settings in the app and per client.

How much does it cost?

For only $4,99/month you get all the amazing features Hourly has to offer. Or subscribe for $39,99/year and save 40%.

If you link with Stripe there will be additional Stripe fees for using their services, check stripe.com/pricing for their latest fees.

Where is the data stored?

All your data is securely stored on your own computer. If you link with Stripe your clients and invoices will also be accessible through their dashboard.

Can I work across multiple devices?

In the settings you can turn on iCloud sync and sync all your Hourly data across your other devices signed in with the same iCloud ID.

Can I export my data?

Of course! On the client views you have an 'Export' button which exports all your time entries as a .csv for the selected date range.

Can I delete or overwrite my data?

Yes, at any time you can edit or delete time entries. We recommend exporting your data before you delete any entries.

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